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Cape Cod Waterways appreciates your feedback and we like to add your comments to our testimonial section. Word of mouth and experiences shared with CCW goes a long way in our success and helps us better serve our customers.

Our Recent Testimonials

Hello Cape Cod Waterways, I just wanted to thank you for the best memories we had in our kayak trip! My fiancée (now my wife) thought that it was very romantic when I proposed on her in the middle of the swan pond! She said yes and that was the best moment ever!

Craig B. August 2013

We had been coming to this place since my kids were toddlers and we always loved it every summer! They are now on their twenties but they still like to visit, for them, cape cod waterways is one of their best childhood memories! Thank you for being a part of making good memories to the kids on the cape!

K. Hudson, July 17, 2013

The Peeps Cape Cod Waterways, Inc. Boat Rental were so so nice to let me rent today (as the weather was spotty and i know i was the only one on the river) as a result, two herons followed me the whole way, coming very close to me many times, then one flew 3ft above me and graced me with the closest I have ever been to that glorious 6ft wing span ♥ also saw Osprey & Red Tailed Hawk.

Devika Tsoumas / Sep 29, 2012

Cape Cod Waterways is a very nice place to take your kids! We had been renting boats for 7 years in a row now and we always loved it! It is so cute that they have those water tables for the little kids to play with, they do not have them when my kids were little.:) We will be going back to try the stand up paddle board!

Christina S. 2014
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